• Katie Kassay

    Katie Kassay

    My father David Kassay has been a patient of Dr. LaGuardia’s for over 2 years. He is always very pleased with his services and would highly recommend.

  • Donna Flaim

    Donna Flaim

    I have been going to dr LaGuardia for years. Love him and his staff. Would recommend him highly.

  • Joseph F.

    Joseph F.

    Been going to Dr. Laguardia for a few years along with my wife. Last week we visited them in their beautiful new offices in Stonybrook right next to the carriage museum. These people are the best, I don’t really Ming going to the dentist these days. Go there!

  • John Lennon

    John Lennon

    My family has been going to Dr. Laguardia for years. He is terrific, honest and gentle, as is his staff.

  • Carolann Berry

    Carolann Berry

    Dr. LaGuardia remembers my family every time we come in. He’s always helpful, answers all of my questions, and very nice! Highly recommended!

  • Elizabeth K.

    Elizabeth K.

    Everything was great. Thank you

  • Louis C.

    Louis C.

    Starting on being greated at reception to Suzanne the hygienist and dr Laguardia the professional attention given was truly a pleasant and comfortable and relaxing experience

  • Joseph F.

    Joseph F.

    New hygienist is the best ever- very competent and professional. I’m hoping that she considers Dr. La guardia’s office her new home.

  • Ed Olsen

    Ed Olsen

    Great Doc,great staff!

  • Linda B.

    Linda B.

    My 6th month visit went very well. Thank you!

  • Joseph F.

    Joseph F.

    Close to everything, very fast, neat and clean and I never have any kind of wait. So keeping in mind that this is a dentist’s it’s not a bad experience.